Saturday, September 3, 2011

How To Do A Balancing Coin Magic Trick

How To Do A Balancing Coin Magic Trick

How To Do A Balancing Coin Magic Trick : Free online coin magic trick video. A magic coin trick where you balance a coin on top of a bill.
  1. Step 2: The bet

    To perform this trick, fold the bill in half, and make sure that you get a good sharp edge. Now place the bill on the table like this and challenge your spectator, or ask your spectator, to try to balance the coin on the edge of the bill. And as you can see, it is very hard or almost impossible to do this, and this will make a spectator or victim more willing to take the bet when they try for themselves that it's essentially extremely hard to balance a coin on the edge of the bill.
  2. Step 3: Method

    To balance the coin, you need to know this little secret. Fold the bill once more like this, place it on the table, then take the coin and place it at the fold. Don't worry, the trick is not over yet; the coin will end up balancing on a straight line. To achieve that, you need to grasp the ends of the bill and unfold it in a smooth move. And due to the weight of the coin and the laws of physics, the coin will now balance perfectly on the edge of the bill. Just watch this.

    And you have a balancing coin on the edge of a bill. And if your hands are not shaking too much you can even lift it up as a final presentation.
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