Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to Do a Magic Trick With an Egg

How to Do a Magic Trick With an Egg. Amazingthumbnail
Do a Magic Trick With an Egg. Amazing

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    Make a small hole in both ends of the egg by flicking it with your finger or knuckle. You can also make a hole by tapping the ends of the egg on a hard surface. The holes should be in the opposite ends of the egg.

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    Pinch and remove a small piece of the cracked shell on each end to open the whole and reveal the boiled egg white. Make sure to remove the clear membrane skin as well.

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    Cup your hand into an "O" formation as if you were holding a microphone. Hold the egg with your hand in this shape and blow into one end the egg hole with a strong forceful burst of air.

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    When you practice the technique a few times, you should be able to blow the egg shell off of the egg. The secret is to

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    It's a fun and simple magic trick that will amaze your friends. They won't believe their eyes! After practice, you will become so good, that you can quickly perform the trick with only one quick gust of wind.

  • Tips & Warnings

    • The secret when blowing into the egg is to put your pointer finger and thumb snug against your lips and don't let air escape around the egg or fingers when you blow. Instead, blow your air directly into the egg hole.


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